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  • Calming Kids Online Course PREVIEW

    Calming Kids LogoThis is a sample from the CALMING KIDS ONLINE COURSE. The full course offers more than six hours of quality films featuring instruction by Dee Marie as well as in-class instruction. Each lesson includes formative assessment and discussion forums. 
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  • Course Introduction

    Girl with Heart

    A general introduction to the course including:

    • History and Rationale
    • Acknowledgements
    • Research Study Results and more.

  • Day One - What is Yoga? A System of Balance and Alignment

    • Girl SeatedWhat is yoga?
    • Set Intention, Goals
    • Alignment/ Balance
  • Day Two - Importance of Breathing

    Practices to Regulate the Breath

    Girl Breathing

  • Day Three - Skits and Role-playing


    Skits and Role-Playing
    Anti-Bullying Discussions

  • Day Four - Inner Light

    The Inner Light, Finding Our HeartBoy

  • Day Five - Benefits of Yoga Exercise

    Day 5
    Benefits of Yoga Exercises
    Review/Quiz Day

  • Day Six - Review and Relationships

    Day 6
    Review & Relationships